Chart analysis systems

Providing realtime data analysis

Ultimate is a chart analysis system that provides users with realtime retail sales data analysis at a click of a button accessible from desktop, tablet and mobile.

Ultimate - the ultimate chart analysis system

Ultimate is an automated system for collating retail sales data into charts that can be published privately and in the media. The system accepts automated feeds from physical, download and streaming vendors.

The chart analysis system ‘Ultimate’ represents a considerable step forward from traditional data capture systems. Ultimate captures sales in independent stores in real time with the use of MoBar (wireless barcode scanner) and compiles chart results online, using a secure web server.

The IFPI (International Federation of Phonographic Industries) in Helsinki, Finland have selected Ranger Computers Ltd to provide a new record chart system recording the sales of music products in Finland. The new system will run for an initial period of two years and will provide IFPI for the first time with a mechanism to accurately capture actual retailer sales as they occur.

Additional information feeds from multiple retailer’s own POS systems are incorporated into the data to build up a comprehensive and reliable picture of actual retail sales of recorded music throughout the country. The Ultimate system analyses the sales recorded by barcode scanning using data based on the UK’s OCC (The Official UK Chart Company) Official Music Catalogue and merges this information with data supplied by a variety of Scandinavian distributors.

Mr Tommi Kyyrä, Deputy Director of IFPI Finland said

"The new ‘Ultimate’ chart system represents a considerable step forward for the record chart process in Finland. The new charts will be fast, efficient and reliable, meaning that broadcasters, record companies and other interested parties will be able to access them easily in the knowledge that the data content is an actual measurement, rather than an estimate, of recorded music sales in Finland"

Ranger has provided chart data capture services in the UK and other countries since 1993 and is the primary supplier of independent retailer sales data in the UK for OCC’s Official UK Charts. The company also distributes OCC’s official music catalogue to independent retailers and other users in the UK and elsewhere.

So what are the benefits of using Ultimate?


Simple chart compilation

Ultimate is used alongside our data capture system 'MoBar' to obtain live retail sales data which is then processed in realtime. This data provides users (trade associations and manufacturers) and contributors (retailers and media partners) with access to this information in a chart format.


Realtime data

The Ultimate system is entirely web hosted and operates in real time. It moves the metrics computation into the ‘cloud’, bringing unparalleled flexibility to both users (trade associations and manufacturers) and contributors (retailers and media partners).


Accessible anywhere

End users can access the system from anywhere using computers, mobile-phones and tablets such as the Apple iPad. Standard facilities include the ability to identify ‘mystery’ products through the system’s built in catalogue data and through direct links to popular search engines. Similar products can be combined in an instant for a single sales position by an intuitive drag n’ drop procedure.


Reduce costs

Ultimate allows participants to subscribe, and obtain, content using simple formats like industry standard spreadsheets. This ‘de-mystifying’ of the data submission process has an important and sometimes unexpected benefit: Instead of being isolated from the content submission process, end users can actually ‘take ownership’ of the process and the data submitted by it. This change in emphasis has a strong effect both on the quality of data submitted and on the cost of operating the process.