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The EPOS solution for independent retailers

Oscar EPOS System

Oscar is the perfect EPOS solution for those independent retailers in the music/book industry looking for a reliable system yet one that can offer a wide range of functionality.

Oscar - an EPOS for independent retailers

Oscar is unique in the world of retail automation because it is designed from the outset as a source, rather than a sink, for information. It is designed for information-rich environments where much more information flows to the user (catalogue information, product sales histories and so on) than flows from him or her (sales price, quantity and other trading data).

Oscar is designed to use industry-wide bibliographies. Information is king in modern business and nowhere more so than in retailing of books and music, where customers expect encyclopedic knowledge to be combined fast service and low prices. Most Epos systems are designed to provide better business efficiency by cost control, ensuring that all sales are accurately recorded, stock levels maintained and prices pre-set. Oscar provides all of these features by default, with yet much more functionality.

For the music industry, Oscar provides the Official UK Music Catalogue, which is automatically updated daily, and in the book trade it integrates bibliographies from Neilsen Bookdata, giving it access to literally millions of titles. For the first time, retailers in information-rich sectors like music and books can benefit from vast amounts of product information right at the point of sale, boosting customer orders and confidence and producing a widening expertise gap between independent retailers and mass market super-stores.

So Oscar helps improve business performance, not just by controlling costs, but by expanding sales horizons by empowering staff with information at their fingertips. This truly is a revolution in retailing.

Oscar's information rich concept is fundamentally different to older 'code and quantity' Epos systems and to provide this advanced functionality, it borrows from the latest ideas in personal computer industry. Crucial amongst these ideas is 'multi-tasking', the ability to perform more than one function at once. Indeed, Oscar is built around multiple tasks that operate in their own space. In this way, it can offer maximum performance at the point of sale: barcode - cash - next customer please while processing recommended orders, sales reports and numerous other tasks in the background.

To achieve this result, Oscar is built around the Microsoft Windows operating system. It is Windows that gives Oscar it's unique appearance and 'feel' while retaining the focus and reliability of older industry specific computer systems. Although much more expensive to develop initially, the use of Windows pays huge dividends in staff training and lifetime support, two areas rated by retailers as most important in assessing Epos solutions.

Oscar's crystal clear colour screens bring the point of sale into the modern world for the first time! Distinctive styles reassure operators and help avoid mistakes and delays. Graphics icons help identify product and speed the searching of complex catalogues. Oscar re-defines the term 'User Friendly'!

So what are the benefits of using Oscar?


Huge built in catalogues

In conventional Epos systems, users laboriously compile product information by hand. While Oscar also offers this facility, it's modern design allows it to easily integrate catalogues from independent sources like industry associations. These catalogues, which usually involve separate subscriptions, provide the user with vast depth of product information and virtually eliminate the chore of identifying each new product as it comes in to stock.


Daily catalogue updates

The catalogue, which contains more than 750,000 items, is distributed to UK retailers by Ranger and is updated nightly. High performance search algorithms present 'hits' almost instantly, while long lists are compiled in the background by Oscar's Windows based software. Oscar brings a vast information resource to the point of sale.


Integrated website/exporting existing sites

Ranger provides full website integration to work hand in hand with the Oscar EPOS system. These sites are tailored especially to work with Oscar to provide a full on e-commerce platform. Aswell as this, Ranger also exports sites allowing for Oscar integration with existing websites.


Training/continued support

Ranger understand that independent retailers are under immense pressure and that’s why buying an Oscar is only the beginning of the story. An Oscar user is never ‘on their own’ as Ranger Computers take support very seriously, accepting responsibility for the total package of hardware, software, training, support and continuing development.