Data capture systems

Data capture made easy using some of the latest technology

MoBar data capture system

MoBar is our sales data capture solution that allows for independant record retailers to capture sales in realtime. No broadband required, no messy wires, just plug & scan.

Mobar consists of a very high performance barcode scanner and a dedicated cellphone which relays each scan immediately in real time to Ranger‟s servers in the cloud, using the GSM network. The scanning process reads at a distance and requires only that the sales assistant passes the CD or other item in front of the scanner before handing it to the customer. Retailers can log into the cloud to see their sales as they happen, especially useful for independent stores with multiple outlets and for owner operated stores where the owner may away from the premises.

A major factor in Mobar‟s lower operating cost is the lack of a need any data wiring in the store. This is especially important in independent stores where equipment installation is sometimes problematic and counters are frequently moved to maximise use of space. Mobar is completely automatic and will operate as soon as it is plugged in, eliminating any need for staff involvement. It will work anywhere that there is cellphone signal and for locations where this is problematic, it can use the store‟s own wi-fi.

So what are the benefits of using MoBar?


Simplicity & ease of use

MoBar is a plug & play system. Simply plug into the mains and scan away. MoBar uses GSM networks to send data and therefore does not require a broadband connection in order to be used.


Low maintenance

MoBar requires very little maintenance if at all. The only maintenance required, is to ensure that MoBar has an active mains connection and thats it. Once MoBar has been plugged in, staff will simply need to scan a barcode using the dedicated barcode scanner. The data will then be transmitted via GSM in realtime.


Plug & play

MoBar is a plug & play system. Straight out of the box, all that is required is for it to be plugged into a mains and then simply scan away using the dedicated barcode scanner.


Reduce costs

Since MoBar uses GSM networks, broadband is not required in order for the system to function which therefore reduces the cost for the system.